Sewell Animal Hospital

638 S Main
McAlester, OK 74501


Welcome to Sewell Animal Hospital! 



Please come in and make yourself comfortable, but remember to check in at the front desk first!  




Front Desk


The friendly face that will greet you here will be Diana or Ashley.

Information about our staff can be found here.


You can also see in this picture our weight scale. Your pet will be weighed here on each visit to update their medical chart. Monitoring weight gains or losses helps us keep track of the health of your pet. 



Exam Room


During the general wellness exam, Dr. Sewell will check you pet for any signs of illness or disease. To do this, she looks in the eyes, mouth and ears, feels the belly, palpates the lymph nodes, listens to the heart and lungs, checks the pulse, and takes the core body temperature.

Additional examination steps and diagnostics are used as needed and based on your pet's individual needs. 




Radiology (X-ray) Room 


We use x-rays to help diagnose problems. Examples include bladder stone, broken bone, or even intestinal obstructions.

Treatment / Pharmacy Room 

This room has many functions from treating sick patients to prepping for surgery to preforming dental cleanings.

Treatment / Pharmacy Room

This room also houses our in-house laboratory, microscope, and pharmacy. 




Surgical Suite


Our sterile surgeries start with anesthesia that is tailored for you pet. The tubes seen on the left side of the picture are used to maintain their airway. We also use a warming blanket to keep them comfortable during the procedure.

For more information on our surgeries and anesthesia, please visit our surgery page.



Isolation Ward


This kennel ward is used for very sick and potential contagious pets. 



Indoor Dog Ward


These kennels are used for housing your pets during the evening hours. During the day, boarding animals have indoor-outdoor kennels to allow them opportunities for exercise and unlimited potty breaks. 


Cat Ward


Our feline patients are housed separate from their canine companions. This affords them more peace and quite.